Discover the Joy of Gardening: Unlock Your Green Thumb Potential!

Have you ever struggled with keeping your houseplants alive and healthy? Let E-Kay help!

Get ready to fall in love with our handmade selfwatering glass bulbs in the shape of birds!

Are you tired of constantly worrying about your indoor and outdoor plants when you go on vacation or take a trip away from home?

Look no further than our selfwatering glass bulbs! Handmade with love and care, these bulbs are not only functional but also beautiful, taking the shape of our feathered friends.

Hydration Made Easy!

Introducing E-Kay’s self-watering plant globes, the perfect way to make sure your plants get the hydration they need! These handmade glass bulbs come in the form of birds and are great for both indoor or outdoor use. It helps keep track of how much water each plant needs without having to check constantly – simply fill it up with water, and it will do its thing!

Why Choose E-Kay

Unique product

Our unique product can help you create a beautiful space filled with lush greenery without constant fussing. No more worrying about watering your plants – our globes take care of that task, making gardening easier than ever.

Beautiful handmade design

Not only functional, but also incredibly elegant, our globes add a touch of beauty to any corner or garden spot. They are designed to be loved and admired.

Easy to use

Discover the convenience and elegance of our globes, and enjoy a hassle-free gardening experience like never before.

Revolutionary Self-Watering Plant Bulbs: The Ultimate Green Thumb Hack

Customer Raves: Unveiling the Truth About Self-Watering Plant Bulbs

Unveiling What Customers Really Say About Self-Watering Plant Bulbs

“OMG, these selfwatering plant bulbs are like the ninja of plant care! I went on a month-long vacation and when I came back, my plants were still alive and kicking! And the bird-shaped glass bulbs add an extra touch of whimsy to my plant collection. Highly recommend!”


Happy Plant Lover

“I never thought I could have a green thumb, but these little birdies have changed everything! My plants have never looked better and I don’t have to stress about watering them every day. Plus, they make a great conversation starter when I have guests over!”

Emiliy Green

Green Is My Colour

Discovering self-watering plant bulbs was a game-changer! They saved my forgetful self and made watering a breeze. Now I’m a proud plant queen, flaunting them to friends. Level up your plant game with these bad boys ASAP!

Naimul Ahsan

Plantiful Pete